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SiFotonics Announces Silicon Photonics-based Integrated 100G/200G Micro-ICR Products at ECOC2017

2017-09-26    Cfol

Sept. 18, 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden -- SiFotonics Technologies, one of the world's leading silicon photonics technology companies, officially released its silicon photonics-based integrated 100G/200G coherent receiver (Micro-ICR) at ECOC2017 exhibition held in Gothenburg, Sweden on September 18, 2017. The packaging, production line testing and other pre-production preparations have been completed. It is expected to achieve 50K production capacity in 2018 to respond to the market need of the small size, low cost, and high performance optical devices for rapid growing long haul, Metro and DCI  100G/200G DWDM transport networks.

SiFotonics Micro-ICR is based on CMOS process silicon photonics integration technology. It monolithically integrates high-speed Ge/Si waveguide PD, monitor PD, variable optical attenuator (VOA), polarization rotator and beam splitter, 90-degree hybrid mixer and other optical functional components. Not only does it greatly improve packaging efficiency and reduce packaging cost, it also improves the reliability and yield of the device.

"Because of silicon photonics integration, a coherent device, which traditionally consists of dozens of components, can be integrated into a single optical chip and a pair of electronic chips," said Dr. Dong Pan, the company's CEO, "It even has fewer components than an TO-Can device. That greatly reduces the difficulty of packaging, and improves packaging efficiency. "

SiFotonics technical team has successfully implemented the full automation of ICR test line, a true one-touch test that dramatically improves testing efficiency, stability and repeatability.  It provides extra room for further cost reduction.

In addition, SiFotonics 400G ICR chip is fully in place, Micro-ICR products can be smoothly evolved from 32GBaud to 64Gbaud (Class-40) to meet 400G/600G DCI market requirements.

About SiFotonics

SiFotonics Technologies, a leader in silicon photonics technology, develops, manufactures and markets high-speed optical communications solutions from 10G to 400G for FTTx, data center, mobile communications and long-haul coherent transmissions. Since 2006, the company has developed a proprietary silicon photonic production line in collaboration with famous CMOS foundry. It provides customers with the following silicon photonic products and solutions: silicon photonic integrated devices for high-speed optical interconnect (100G/400G ICR, 100G/200G IC-TROSA), germanium/silicon based photodiode devices (10G/25G/50G APD, PD and its array), APD-based solutions for 100G/200G/400G long distance transmission.