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Optelian Introduces 100G Hardened Muxponder Optimized for 5G Upgrades

2018-04-18    Cfol

April 17,  2018Ottawa, ON/Roswell, GA —  Optical networking solution provider Optelian introduces the MPX-9103 100G hardened (OSP  compliant) muxponder designed for 5G  upgrades, remote business services access and fiber deep architectures where 10G  service growth is paramount. The MPX-9103 solves the need for 100G applications  where a temperature controlled shelter or facility does not exist. ClicktoTweet


With the capability to  aggregate up to ten 10G client side circuits onto a 100G line side interface,  the 1 RU “pizza box” provides one of the most cost effective outside plant (OSP)  innovations to date. Further innovation within the MPX-9103 includes the ability  to utilize commercially available 100G CFP transceivers for ultimate flexibility  including SR, LR and DCO variants from a number of suppliers. The MPX-9103  provides full OTN capability.


Applications for the MPX-9103  include upgrading cell site fronthaul and backhaul to 5G capability where  bandwidth increases are expected to be significant when compared to 4G  requirements. Increased bandwidth demand will be driven by the large increase in  bandwidth provided by 5G technology, deployment of small cell architectures,  fixed wireless premise access and the plethora of emerging applications such as  the internet of things, autonomous vehicles and other services. In addition, the  MPX-9103 will allow service providers to now have flexibility with remote 100G  capacity expansion without the expense of a fiber infrastructure upgrade where  fiber relief may be necessary. The MPX-9103 dovetails with Optelian’s existing  suite of hardened products for a whole system OSP solution.   


“Demand is growing for high  bit-rate edge devices, so we are excited to launch a best-in-class 100G OSP  solution that achieves 100G transport capacity while utilizing the advances in  100G CFP technology,” said Scott Agnew, vice president of R&D, Optelian. “In  addition, the MPX-9103 provides the reliability, extended operating temperature  and much shallower depth expected for smaller OSP  cabinets.”


The MPX-9103 has undergone NEBS  qualification and is now available to all customers.