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Tencent Completes 200G IP over DWDM Trial Using Acacia Communications’ CFP2-DCO

2019-04-22    Lynn

MAYNARD, Mass.— 4/23/2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)  Acacia Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: ACIA), a leading provider of high-speed coherent optical interconnect products, today announced that Tencent has completed 80km fiber transmission of multiple 200G 8QAM signals over its OPC-4 open line system (OLS) using Acacia’s CFP2-DCO modules on third-party switch platforms. In order to emulate the higher fiber loss in their metro networks, additional 10 dB optical attenuators were added to the tested link, still achieving error free operation in all the ports. OCP-4, which was developed by Tencent, meets Tencent’s SDN requirements for a disaggregated transport network and is fully integrated into Tencent’s network controller. Tencent believes that this lab trial validates the deployment readiness of their IP over DWDM solution using OCP-4 in their metro DCI networks.


The trial was performed using Acacia’s CFP2-DCO modules with 50GHz channel spacing and 200G 8QAM modulation, which was selected to address the challenging fiber loss in Tencent’s metro DCI applications, and showcases the ability to support transmission of up to 19.2T on a single fiber using Tencent’s 96 channel OCP-4 and Acacia’s CFP2-DCO modules. With this trial, Tencent is highlighting the value of IP over DWDM and dissagregated solutions to cost-effectively meet the growing bandwidth needs of Tencent’s metro DCI infrastructure.


“This trial demonstrated that Acacia’s CFP2-DCO product has been integrated into switch platforms in terms of mechanical, electrical, power and firmware interfaces. The existing software from the switch platform was able to configure the CFP2-DCO and access advanced performance monitoring functionality for the module, as well as the link,” said Jengyi Geng, Senior Network Architect at Tencent. “With Acacia’s 200G CFP2-DCO, our switch platform can support 8 ports, for up to 1.6T per line card and our OPC-4 can support transmission of up to 19.2T over a single fiber for metro DCI applications. In addition, the CFP2-DCO form factor provides us with a pay-as-you-grow deployment model.”


“We are excited that our high-performance, low-power CFP2-DCO was able to address this new application in Tencent’s metro DCI network, and were impressed by the level of integration in the switch platform and OCP-4 open line system,” said Tom Williams, Senior Director of Marketing at Acacia Communications. “We believe this trial underlines the importance of pluggable coherent modules in applications such as Tencent’s metro DCI network.”


Acacia’s module is compliant with the OIF CFP2-DCO Implementation Agreement, which also includes support for next generation 400G solutions, further improving board density and fiber capacity. Based on it’s Meru DSP ASIC, Acacia’s CFP2-DCO module has been shipping in production since December 2017.

Figure 1: test set-up block diagram

Figure 2: Transmission Experimental Set-up