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Eoptolink Announces Extended reach PSM 400G modules at ECOC2019

2019-09-25    Cfol

Dublin, Ireland, September 23, 2019 – Eoptolink Technology Inc., Ltd (SZSE: 300502) today announced general availability of extended reach 400G optical modules.


The EOLD-134HG-02-M and EOLD-134HG-10-M are QSFP-DD transceivers and they have an optical MPO interface with 4 independent 100G single lambda data lanes. The power consumption for both modules is <10W at 70C and both are supporting “break-out” applications. The EOLD-134HG-02-M supports a transmission distance of 2km and follows the FR specification of 100G Lambda MSA. The EOLD-134HG-10-M supports the transmission of up to 10km and follows the LR specification of 100G Lambda MSA. EOLO-134HG-02-M and EOLO-134HG-10-M are OSFP transceivers and offer the same functionality in an OSFP form-factor.


“Customers are using these modules in high port density required 100G applications”, explained by Sean Davies. “A 1U switch can now offer 128x 100G ports”.  


Eoptolink also offers the corresponding 100G QSFP28 FR and LR transceivers, enabling the customer to apply the 100G single lambdas in legacy QSFP28 equipment.


·         EOLD-134HG-02-M (400G QSFP-DD, 4x100G FR, 2km, MPO)

·         EOLD-134HG-10-M (400G QSFP-DD, 4x100G LR, 10km, MPO)

·         EOLO-134HG-02-M (400G OSFP, 4x100G FR, 2km, MPO)

·         EOLO-134HG-10-M (400G OSFP, 4x100G LR, 10km, MPO)

·         EOLQ-131HG-O-02 (100G QSFP28, 100G FR, 2km, LC)

·         EOLQ-131HG-O-10 (100G QSFP28, 100G LR, 10km, LC)