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2021-06-15    Cfol
Hangzhou, China- June 13, 2021 The Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable 112(QSFP112) Multi Source Agreement (MSA) group has officially released a specification for the new QSFP112 specification 1.0 today. In total, 31 companies came together in support of the QSFP112 MSA to address the industry need for high-speed, high-density networking solutions.

As the demand for bandwidth grows, the need to the single lane speed in a QSFP is now coming to 112Gb/s. QSFP112 is the module and cage/connector system based on current QSFP, targeting to support 112Gb/s per lane speed in a 4x lane QSFP system and to enable the QSFP 400G interconnect ecosystem. The MSA will greatly help the legacy QSFP users upgrade the link bandwidth to 400G per port with lower cost and shorter transition time.

The QSFP112 connector uses a 0.6mm pitch SMT Pin design solution, which has won the support of most members by offering better SI performance and providing more design margin for the whole link.

Systems designed with QSFP112 cage and connector will be backwards compatible with existing QSFP28/56 Module, and systems designed for QSFP112 module will be compatible with existing QSFP-DD800 cage and connector.

This specification also fully considers the cumulative tolerance between different interfaces and modules, and can provide enough margin to ensure the connection reliability in the worst case situation.

The QSFP112 is targeted to provide thermal support for optical modules with up to 20 watts of power. The QSFP112 MSA has also been proven to meet IEEE802.3ck link 112Gbps PAM4 applications through actual test results of the QSFP112 2M DAC. The QSFP12 MSA has also released hardware specifications for QSFP 112 2x1 connector and cage, optical modules, heat sinks, etc.

QSFP112 MSA founder-promoters include Accelink, Alibaba, Amphenol, Baidu, Credo, H3C, Hisense, Huaqin, II-VI, InnoLight, Inphi, Inspur, Kuaishou, Luxshare, Molex, Ruijie, TE, US Conec.

Contributors include Applied Optoelectronics Inc, Broadex-Tech, Color-chip, Electric Connector Technology Co, Eoptolink, FIT, Insiga, Kingsignal, Mellanox, SiFotonics Technologies, Source Photonics, Yuanjie Semiconductor, Zhaolong.

We hope more companies or groups with lofty ideals will join QSFP112 MSA and let's work together to build a bright future for QSFP112 MSA!

The QSFP112 specification is available for free download at the QSFP112 MSA website www.qsfp112.com.