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InSiGa Samples high-performance 53Gbaud/s Linear TIA ISG-T5713


Chengdu InSiGa Semiconductor Technologies announced that it has started sampling ISG-T5713, a high-performance 53Gbaud/s TIA suitable for 50G LR1/ER1, 100Gbs DR1/FR1/LR1 applications.

With the advent of big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things era, traffic demands are increasing rapidly and bandwidth enhancement of optical devices is becoming increasingly difficult, urging the need for complex modulation methods. The PAM4 modulation method is now widely used in high-speed links, and it supports the move to higher speed rates for optical interconnects.

Chengdu InSiGa Semiconductor Technology announced the launch of the ISG-T5713 TIA, a new generation of high-performance TIA products. It supports PAM4 modulation and supports data rates up to 53Gbaud/s and can be used for 26Gbaud/s applications too. ISG-T5713 is suitable for 5G wireless 50G LR1/ER1 front-haul and mid-haul, as well as 100G DR1/ FR1/LR1 applications in data centers. ISG-T5713 offers features like Automatic Gain Control, Peak detector and RSSI detection. The width of the TIA is small enough to allow PD’s to be mounted next to it in TO-46 TO headers. The gain and output swing of the TIA meets the requirements for commercially available DSP’s in the market.

The product has already been jointly tested with a number of market mainstream PDs and is available for sampling now.


About InSiGa Semiconductor Technologies
InSiGa Semiconductor Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 2016, focusing on the development and production of 25G~800G optical communication Driver, CDR, TIA and OSA products. InSiGa has already developed a number of 25G/50G/100G /200G/400G/800G high-speed optical communication chips and optical component products and has accumulated a number of patented technologies. 5G mid-haul/back-haul products and 200Gbs Datacenter modules using InSIGa IC’s are already in mass production. A variety of differentiated OSA products are under trial production, and are entering the production stage. With the mission of meeting customer needs, InSIGa continues to innovate, develop more high-speed IC and OSA products, provide customers with first-class products, technologies and related services, and support the rapid development of the 5G and data center optical transmission market