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Chengdu InSiGa to showcase 53Gbaud/s DML Solution at CIOE 2021

2021-09-15    Lynn

Chengdu InSiGa Semiconductor Technologies announced that it will have a live demo of its industry-leading 53Gbaud/s DML driver ISG-D5619 incorporating a high bandwidth 53Gbaud/s DML from Lumentum, a market-leading designer and manufacturer of innovative optical and photonic products at booth 6A21 during CIOE, 2021.


With the rapid development of 5G, big data, and artificial intelligence, the demand for bandwidth in datacenters is increasing day by day. The internal connection rate within datacenters is increasing and there is demand for low power, cheaper modules at high baud rates.




Today, 100Gbs DR1 and 400Gbs DR4 module predominantly use EML lasers as well as some Si photonics based solutions. InSiGa’s 53Gbaud driver ISG-D5619 enables the use of DML ( Directly Modulated Lasers) in 100Gbs single lambda applications. This paves the way for lower cost and lower power modules for 53Gbaud applications. This is a key breakthrough in using DML technology for high baud rate applications. DMLs solutions are used in majority of 100Gbs and 200Gbs single mode modules already. So far DMLs’ have not been used in 53Gbaud applications due to bandwidth limitations of commercially available DML’s. The availability of Lumentum’s high bandwidth lasers combined with ISG-D5619 will allow the use of DML’s in 100Gbs/lambda applications. The performance achieved by the combined solution meets the Tx specifications for DR1/DR4 as well as FR4 modules. The solution can be used in applications from 100Gbs to 800Gbs. 800Gbs PSM8/DR8 modules need a low power and low cost solution and DML’s provide an ideal solution for this application especially. ISG-D5619 DML driver is based on InSiGa’s patented technology that is already widely used in 50Gbs and 200Gbs applications. Samples of the ISG-D5619 driver are available now.


Please visit us at booth CIOE 6A21 during CIOE, 2021. We will be happy to discuss more about this DML solution and your requirements.


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InSiGa Semiconductor Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 2016, focusing on the development and production of 25G~800G optical communication Driver, CDR, TIA and OSA products. InSiGa has already developed a series of 25G/50G/100G /200G/400G/800G high-speed optical communication chips and optical component products, and accumulated a number of patents along the way. 5G mid-haul/back-haul, 200G FR4 products using InSiGa chips are already in the mass production and delivery stage. With the mission of meeting customer needs, InSiGa will continue to innovate, develop more high-speed IC and OSA products, provide customers with first-class products, technologies and related services, and support the rapid development of the 5G and data center optical transmission market.