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OFC2024: Technology Feast and Market Prosperity

2024-04-22    Carol

As the wind vane of technology and market, OFC2024 can be described as a colorful presentation. 1.6T as expected, single wave 200G detonated the whole scene, LPO is still hot, half LPO (TRO/LRO) fire out of the circle, the new technology bursts, the new industry pattern or is quietly emerging, today we summarize the hot spots of the OFC with an article.


The following hot keywords of OFC2024:



From LPO to Half LPO


LPO technology solutions since 2023 OFC quickly out of the circle, become one of the excellent solutions to combat power consumption, a time when the major optical module vendors are on the scene to demonstrate the 800G LPO program, and this year is the launch of the 1.6T LPO program, along with the establishment of the LPO MSA, will accelerate the landing of the LPO program standards.


But this year a Half LPO program is more out of the circle, including TRO (Transmitter Retirement Optics), LRO (Linear Receiver Optics), are used to sacrifice half of the DSP chip, in order to retain enough BER margins at the same time, saving half of the power consumption. TRO initiated by Marvell TRO was initiated by Marvell, and LRO was initiated by Credo.


For different programs, each vendor said that there are different application scenarios, and the specific scale of use depends on the feedback from end customers.


From single-wave 200G EML, to single-wave 200G silicon optical, thin-film lithium niobate is ready to launch


If OFC2023, EML / silicon photonics technology / thin film lithium niobate three chips in the game, then in OFC2024, EML and silicon optical ideal more realistic.


Broadcom, SUMITOMO ELECTRIC, Lumentum, Mitsubishi, YJ SEMITECH and other manufacturers have launched a single wave of 200G EML or 200G VCSEL chip, from this point of view, EML's life cycle seems to be longer.

However, silicon optical technology is not weak, Silish, Sicoya has already demonstrated a single-wave 200G silicon optical chips and engines, SiFotonics launched a 200G Lambda GeSi PIN PD and 200G MZM PIC chip, and Cyler, XPHOR have launched a high-performance integrated that can support 800G and 2 * DR4 Silicon Light chips and engines.

In order to further demonstrate the power of Silicon Optical, Cyler has also joined hands with Cambridge to dynamically demonstrate the performance of its Silicon Optical chips for 800G modules. Although the silicon optical program has not yet been a large number of volume, with the further maturation of the industry chain, is attracting many related enterprises to participate in the perfect, silicon optical technology is expected to usher in new opportunities.


In terms of thin-film lithium niobate technology, AFR and HyperLight co-sponsored the "thin-film lithium niobate technology and applications", AFR synchronously released 130 GBaud CDM and 800 Gbps PAM-4, as well as the PAM-4 jointly launched by HyperLight, Eoptolink and Arista. HyperLight, Eoptolink and Arista, as well as the PAM-4 transceiver. The promising future of thin-film lithium niobate is also attracting the active participation of many technology companies.


OCS All-Optical Switch


High bandwidth, high reliability, low power consumption, low latency and low cost are still the direction of optical communication technology. The OCS all-optical switch released by Google last year is mainly applied to data center internal interconnection, which can accelerate the penetration of optical system space. This year, Coherent and Accelink both showed OCS switches, the difference is that Coherent uses WSS technology 300x300 ports; while Accelink uses MEMS technology 400x400 ports, which technology is better, the market is still in the game. In addition, as the supporting of high-end devices, Sanshiyuan's miniaturized optical switches and circulators can be perfectly adapted to OCS all-optical switching system.


1.6T optical module is expected to be on volume in 2025


1.6T optical module is the main theme of this year's OFC2024, this exhibition Innolight, eoptolink, Accelink, AOI, Cambridge, Source, HGGenuine, Hisense, Intel, Coherent, etc. are all on-site DEMO 1.6T, VCSEL, EML, or silicon optical program. EML, or silicon optical program, optical port are supported by a single wave of 200G * 8, electrical port to a single wave of 100G * 16 program; the second half of the year, with the enhancement of the electrical port rate, 1.6T optical module is expected to be on the volume in 2025.


In addition to module vendors, supporting 1.6T related devices have also been further developed. usconec said that their MDC/MMC also gained an unprecedented surge in market demand, mainly for 800G and 1.6 connections; which AFR subsidiary Vlinkoptics also launched a high-density FA connection, which can be used for 1.6T pluggable modules and CPOs; in the yuanguotech and OECE also displayed FA solutions for silicon optical modules at their booths.


Multi-core Fiber


With the further expansion of bandwidth demand, in order to increase the world's transmission capacity, multi-core fiber as a new generation of optical fiber is becoming a major fiber manufacturers focus on the layout of the direction. YOFC demonstrated its multi-core fiber, hollow core fiber, less mode fiber progress, which has completed the multi-core fiber cold splicing and fan-in and fan-out low-cost bulk manufacturing solutions, and initially completed the multi-core / less mode, such as the development of a prototype of the air-division multiplexing fiber. Cordacord has also initiated a multi-core fiber connector alliance with YOFC at the Optical Connectivity Conference 2022 to promote the development of multi-core fiber and connectors. In line with the mature application of multi-core fiber, HYC has taken the lead in demonstrating multi-core fiber-based fan-in/fan-out devices (Multi-core Fiber Fan-in/Fan-out).


Liquid-cooled Optical Module


On the eve of OFC2024, ECS released 800G OSFP DR8+ liquid-cooled optical modules. At OFC, we saw that besides ECS, Cambridge, Amphenol, Crealights, and Formerica Optoelectronics Inc. all demonstrated immersion liquid-cooled optical modules. Although the cost of immersed liquid-cooled optical module solution is still high, but with the advancement of high-rate optical interconnect solutions, heat dissipation has become the biggest pain point for switch and data center vendors, and immersed solutions have the highest heat dissipation efficiency, and it is believed that as more and more companies develop liquid-cooled related products, the cost is expected to be further optimized.


At the OFC2024 event, the vitality and innovation of the optical communication industry was fully demonstrated. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, big data and other cutting-edge technologies, optical communication, as the core support of these technologies, is facing unprecedented market opportunities. At the show, many companies have showcased their optical communication solutions tailored for key areas such as AI and data centers, aiming to meet the market's urgent demand for high speed, large bandwidth and low power consumption. These market dynamics have not only opened up new business prospects for optical communication companies, but also contributed to the rapid progress of the industry as a whole.


However, technological innovation and market prosperity have also brought about a series of challenges. First, technology iterations and market changes require optical communication companies to continuously update, adapt to new trends, and increase investment in R&D and market expansion. Second, as competition heats up, companies must continue to improve their technological innovation capabilities and market competitiveness to maintain a competitive edge. Finally, against the backdrop of fluctuations in the global trade environment and the increasing prominence of intellectual property protection issues, optical communication enterprises need to strengthen international cooperation and intellectual property protection to cope with possible risks and challenges.


In summary, OFC2024 is not only a platform to showcase technological innovation and market vitality, but also provides a stage for optical communication enterprises to demonstrate their strengths, explore business opportunities and expand their development space. By participating in this industry event, enterprises are able to gain a deeper insight into the latest trends in the market and technology, and lay a solid foundation for sustainable development in the future.


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