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SoSmart simplifies rural ROADM deployment with PTCI in Oklahoma panhandle

2024-05-29    Cfol

Oslo, Norway – May 29, 2024 – Smartoptics, a leading provider of optical networking solutions, today announced that Panhandle Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (PTCI) based in Oklahoma, US, has chosen Smartoptics for a new ROADM-based network. The SoSmart software suite is used for planning and easily managing the ROADMs. Interoperability and a lack of license fees ensure an open and cost-efficient solution.

PTCI serves rural areas of the Oklahoma Panhandle and Texas, providing cellular, internet and phone service to both residential and business customers. The new Smartoptics solution is designed to meet requests from neighboring communities to pass through PTCI’s network. Smartoptics DCP-R ROADMs along with the Smartoptics SoSmart Software Suite provide the flexibility and ease of use needed to manage this effectively.

“We carefully considered multiple vendors to find the best solution. After seeing what SoSmart could do for us in terms of managing the solution, the decision was much easier,” says Randy Yell, Broadband Network & Data Services Manager, PTCI.

“The software suite overall, but especially SoSmart Planner, was the easiest thing we have seen and solid as could be. I can quickly onboard people who are not familiar with the software at all. They can use the planner to build out what they want in the network, execute with very little steps involved and save time with automatic provisioning. This is important for rural operators like us, with long distances to cover. Based on price, functionality and ease of use, I don’t know a better vendor than Smartoptics,” says Randy.

PTCI’s 10-node ROADM network connects sites in northern Texas with the Oklahoma Panhandle. The DCP-1203 transponder and DCP-110 muxponder are also used to load 100G and 10G traffic onto the network. The openness and proven interoperability of the Smartoptics solution makes it easier for PTCI to connect with the networks of the neighboring communities.

“At Smartoptics, we pride ourselves on offering truly open solutions with zero license fees for alien wavelengths to eliminate vendor lock-in. Our solutions are also designed to simplify architectures, reduce the energy and rack footprint and improve cost efficiency. Support for aggregation of multiple links to one higher bitrate plays a key role here. We are proud to support PTCI in providing affordable and fast connectivity, allowing neighboring communities to benefit from their smart network investments and reliability,” says Kevin Robinson, Vice President of Sales Americas, Smartoptics.

About Smartoptics
Smartoptics provides innovative optical networking solutions and devices for the new era of open networking. Our customer base includes thousands of enterprises, governments, cloud providers, Internet exchanges as well as cable and telecom operators. We have an open networking approach in everything we do which allows our customers to break unwanted vendor lock-in, remain flexible and minimize costs. Our solutions are used in metro and regional network applications that increasingly rely on data center services and specifications. Smartoptics is a Scandinavian company founded in 2006. We partner with leading technology and network solution providers such as Brocade, Cisco and Dell and have a global reach through more than 100 business partners.
For additional information about Smartoptics, please visit https://smartoptics.com/

About PTCI
Panhandle Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (PTCI) is the first Gig Certified internet service provider in Oklahoma, offering affordable fiber-optic high-speed internet and home and business phone services. Established in 1954, PTCI serves rural residential and business customers in the Oklahoma Panhandle and parts of the Texas Panhandle. Headquartered in Guymon, Oklahoma, PTCI has branch locations in Boise City, OK; Beaver, OK; Laverne, OK; Spearman, TX; Perryton, TX; and Canadian, TX. As a registered Smart Rural Community provider by NTCA—The Rural Broadband Association, PTCI is dedicated to enhancing connectivity and fostering growth in rural communities. For more information, visit www.ptci.net