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XinYun Tech Expands Its High-speed CDR Product Offering Into the Overseas Markets

2022-06-14    Frank

Hangzhou Xinyun Technology Co., Ltd. ( “XinYun Tech”) recently announced that the Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) product family, which was independently developed at XinYun Tech, has been successfully mass-produced and delivered in volume with its industry-leading performance. The CDR product family includes a transmitter chip (XY5924E), which integrates 4 CDR channels and electro-absorption modulator drivers supporting 25Gbps and 28Gbps data rates, and a high-sensitivity CDR (XY5124) that can be used in the 4-channel receiver or transmitter path.

XinYun Tech launched its complete 100G optical transceiver component solutions, including XY5924E, XY5124, XY5C24A and other components (as shown in Figure 1) with Live Demo and great fanfare at CIOE 2021. Since its successful debut at CIOE 2021, the solutions have been extensively characterized by top overseas manufacturers over the past year. With best-in-class performance, high reliability and low power consumption, XinYun Tech’s 100G components were adopted as the mainstream solutions for next-generation 40km/80km/80km+ 100G modules from customers including certain tier-1 overseas module manufacturer. This XinYun Tech achievement establishes a significant milestone: the successful entry of domestic advanced integrated circuit products to the global markets. The overseas supply of XinYun Tech’s 100G CDR product family has entered the stage of mass production and high-volume shipment since Q2 of 2022.


Figure 1QSFP28 100G ER4 & ZR4 Transceiver Solutions

The integrated circuits and optical component solution provided by XinYun Tech simplifies the design of miniaturized, high-density pluggable modules. With the overall optimization of other key processes, it can greatly enhance product performance, improve reliability, reduce overall module power consumption and PCB layout area, and minimize the impact of input data jitter on the CDR output signal quality. The results from extensive testing and verification by overseas customers demonstrate that the CDR product family of XinYun Tech outperforms the competing products in key areas. From the product experience and adoption standpoint, XinYun Tech’s complete IC/component solution substantially simplifies the module development and assembly process, provides greater flexibility to meet application and operational needs, helps customers to further reduce costs, and creates a win-win situation both in performance upgrades and user-friendliness. On the whole, XinYun Tech’s CDR product family is an ideal chipset solution for 100G-ER4 and 100G-ZR4 series QSFP28 optical modules for optical network infrastructure deployment.

The key performance indicators such as optical and electrical eye diagrams of the CDR product family are shown in Figures 2-4 below.


Figure 2:XY5924E driven optical eye diagram: ER>11dB, Mask Margin>50%


Figure 3:XY5924E electrical output eye diagram:2.6Vpp


Figure 4:XY5124 electrical output eye diagram

"XinYun Tech’s 100G CDR product family, especially the CDR integrated EML driver products, meets the requirements of PTN equipment and both mid-haul and backhaul-transmission, effectively empowering global customers to carry out 5G network constructions. It provides efficient, high-speed and reliable data connection and switching solutions for the next generation high-speed networks. This product family has been well recognized by major European, American and Japanese customers. The introduction and inclusion of this product family to the supply chain of overseas tier-1 module and equipment customers is not only good news for XinYun Tech, but also marks a major milestone for domestic advanced semiconductor chips to expand abroad and enter the international market." Xiaoyong Luo, Senior IC product line Manager at XinYun Tech, believes it is of great significance for XinYun Tech’s 100G CDR product family to enter the overseas market, and expects these products to play a major role in driving the construction of local optical networks. "It is the original intention and mission of the core team members at XinYun Tech to work with all the scientific and technical workers in the industry to provide the driving force for the independent innovation of China's high-end chips. XinYun Tech’s CDR product family and CDR integrated EML driver solutions will provide a powerful engine for the construction and deployment of telecom/data-center optical network infrastructure."


1. CDR: Clock and Data Recovery.

2. EML: Electro-absorption Modulated Laser.

Description of CDR Chip

n  XY5924E adopts the SIP packaging technology. It is a four-channel clock and data recovery (CDR) chip with adaptive equalization and Electro-absorption Modulated Laser (EML) driver for use as a transmit device in 100 Gbps optical transceivers. XY5924E supports continuous automatic rate locking from 24.3Gbps to 28.05Gbps, and can be used in 100G EDR Infiniband, 100G BASE, OTU4, 32G Fibre Channel (FC) and other application scenarios.  Each channel includes adaptive input equalization, a high performance CDR, and an EML driver with adjustable output swing up to 2.5 Vpp. The CDR is reference-free and can be bypassed to support legacy or non-standard data rates. 

n  XY5124 adopts the high-density WLCSP packaging technology. It is a four-channel clock and data recovery (CDR) chip with adaptive input equalization function. It is a CDR that can be used as a receive or transmit device in optical modules and active optical cables (AOC). XY5124 supports 24.3Gbps to 28.05Gbps continuous automatic rate locking, and can be used in 100G EDR Infiniband, 100G BASE, OTU4, 32G Fibre Channel and other rate requirements. Each channel includes adaptive input equalization, a high performance CDR, and output amplitude /De-emphasis programmable CML drivers. The CDR can be bypassed to support legacy or non-standard data rates. XY5124 integrates a high-speed pseudo-random code (PRBS9/PRBS31) signal generator and a PRBS31 error detector to support the online detection and diagnosis function of the module. The chip is powered by a single 1.8V power supply, which meets the industry's low-power requirements.



XinYun Tech’s industry-leading CDR, Driver and TIA chips, OSA devices and other complete product portfolios are now available.

For more information on data communication product series, please visit the XinYun Tech official website at: http://www.xy-technology.com.


About XinYun Tech

Hangzhou Xinyun Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017. XinYun Tech is headquartered in Hangzhou, a core city of the Yangtze River Delta in China, and has branches and sales centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other locals. XinYun Tech is a high-tech enterprise with high-speed silicon-based optoelectronic integration and ultra-high-speed analog signal chain integrated circuit product research and development capabilities. XinYun Tech primarily engaged in the development, production and sales of ultra-high-speed analog signal chain integrated circuit products, optoelectronic devices, and optoelectronic sensor products. We provide a set of complete solutions for the fields of data perception, cloud computing, high-speed data link and 5G network construction. The key executives and senior R&D technologists of XinYun Tech came from the world's top semiconductor and optical communication enterprises or academic institutions in related industries, and the core technical personnel have decades of accumulated and successful experience in directly related fields.


After several years of rapid development, XinYun Tech has become one of the few optical communication companies in the world that possesses an extensive portfolio of intellectual property rights and can provide a complete set of 100G+ optical module solutions. XinYun Tech has established the entire industrial chain of product design and development, packaging, manufacturing and sales, and can meet the diverse application needs of customers with great flexibility. With its refined independent technological innovation system, continuous technological breakthroughs and product innovation, XinYun Tech has been recognized by many customers and the capital markets. At present, XinYun Tech’s product offering fully covers the domestic market needs, and has been well received in overseas markets such as Japan and South Korea. XinYun Tech has provided reliable solutions and technical support for many mainstream communication operators around the world in the construction of 5G networks.


The company has won the "National High-tech Enterprise", " Science and Technology Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise of China", "Science and Technology Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise of Zhejiang Province ", " Provincial High-tech Enterprise Research and Development Center", " Enterprise High-tech R&D Center of Hangzhou", "High-tech Enterprise Research and Development Center of Hangzhou" , "Young Eagle Plan Enterprise of Hangzhou " and other awards and recognitions by the government in a short period of time.