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Xinyun Technology Launches Low-Cost Integrated CDR Chipsets Optimized for Next Generation Datacom an


Xinyun Technology Launches Low-Cost Integrated CDR Chipsets Optimized for Next Generation Datacom and Telecom Networks

     Hangzhou Xinyun Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinyun Tech) has recently completed the development of its next generation CDR product family, successfully launched monolithically integrated CDR and transimpedance amplifier ICs, such as XY5424 for 100G LR4/CWDM4/PSM4 applications and XY5424V for 100G SR4 applications. The XY5424 integrated CDR/TIA product family are single-chip products supporting 4x25/28G dual-rate applications, ideally suited for the ever increasing market requirements of higher bandwidth, higher speed, smaller size and lower cost. The launch of these differentiating products follows the successful mass production and volume shipments of its 100% internally-developed CDR product family.


     Xinyun Tech’s 100G CDR+TIA products (XY5424 product family) are differentiating, high-quality complete product solutions developed and driven by the goal to support 5G and 100G+ high-speed network deployment with domestic IC products. This product family fully supports the construction of Data Center infrastructure in digital transformation, and empowers many major national projects such as the East-to-West Computing Resource Transfer Project. For Xinyun Tech, it also represents an important milestone of product offering addressing both datacom and telecom needs. Since Q2 2022, the XY5424 product family has gone through DVT, 500-hour reliability testing, customer evaluation, and small batch shipments.


Figure 1: 100G LR4/CWDM4/PSM4 and SR4 Transceiver Solutions

     Xinyun Tech’s complete IC and OSA solutions significantly simplify the design of miniaturized high-density pluggable modules. With the optimization of other key processes, these complete solutions can greatly enhance product performance, improve reliability, and reduce the overall module power consumption, PCB size and cost. This series of CDR products can greatly minimize the effects of signal jitter in the communication links. The extensive customer testing and verification demonstrate that the CDR product family of XinYun Tech outperforms the mainstream competing products in key areas. In addition, in terms of product experience, Xinyun Tech’s complete IC and OSA solutions substantially simplify the module development and assembly process, provide greater flexibility to meet application and operational needs, help customers further reduce costs, and achieve performance upgrades and user-friendliness. On the whole, XinYun Tech’s CDR product family is an ideal chipset solution for COB optical modules for 100G LR4/CWDM4/PSM4 & SR4 applications.

     The electrical output eye diagram and sensitivity performance of the CDR+TIA integrated chips are shown in Figure 2-3 below:


Figure 2: XY5424 electrical output eye diagram at -11dBm optical input power


Figure 3: XY5424 optical sensitivity test results at various temperatures

     Xiaoyong Luo, IC product line Director of Xinyun Tech, stated, "In the past year, with our 100G CDR product family which fully met the requirements of PTN, mid-haul and backhaul networking equipment, Xinyun Tech, together with our excellent domestic and foreign customers, have participated in the high-efficiency, high-speed and reliable bearer network construction, providing strong support for domestic '5G changes society'. The launch of the CDR product family integrating DML drivers and TIA chips is a testament of Xinyun Tech’s focus and success on the research and development of next-generation low-cost 100G solutions. These differentiating product solutions will help datacom and telecom customers save investment costs and at the same time significantly enhance product performance. Xinyun Tech will continue to focus on the development of domestic high-end IC product solutions, and strive to become the best long-term partner of our customers.”


1. CDR: Clock and Data Recovery

2. DMLDirectly Modulated Lasers

3. TIATrans-Impedance Amplifier


Low-Cost Integrated CDR Chipsets Information

n   XY5924D is a high-performance four-channel CDR with integrated 25/28Gbps DML driver. The XY5924D chip adopts an advanced eWLB package, which provides low output jitter laser driving current, and the chip power consumption is about 1.7W. The XY5924D chip integrates four-channel CDR and provides adaptive input equalization function. The chip output has a built-in flexible de-emphasis adjustment function, which can be adapted to different laser products. In addition, the chip supports 24.3Gbps~28.05Gbps continuous rate adaptive Retime mode, supports the Bypass mode of legacy or non-standard data rates, and supports various data rate requirements such as 100G EDR Infiniband, 100G BASE, OTU4, 32G Fibre Channel, etc.

n   XY5424 is a high-performance Four Channel 25G / 28 Gbps CDR with Integrated TIA. The power consumption of the chip is about 0.85W. The XY5424-BT2 channel spacing is 250um and as the main product, it meets the 100G LR4 and CWDM4 requirements. The XY5424-BT7 channel spacing is 750um, which can be used for the traditional Zblock applications to achieve better product performance. This chip supports 24.3Gbps~28.05Gbps continuous rate adaptation, and supports various data rate requirements such as 100G EDR Infiniband, 100G BASE, OTU4, and 32G Fibre Channel. The chip is supplied as a bare die, which can meet the low power consumption requirement.


     Xinyun Tech’s industry-leading CDR, Driver, TIA chips, as well as integrated chip products with CDR, 25/28/100Gbps ROSA, TOSA and other optical device products, has been presented with a complete product portfolio of an overall solution, and you are welcome to consult and purchasesales@xy-technology.com.

For more information on data communication product series, please visit the XinYun Tech official website at: http://www.xy-technology.com.


About XinYun Tech

     Hangzhou Xinyun Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017. XinYun Tech is headquartered in Hangzhou, a core city of the Yangtze River Delta in China, and has branches and sales centers in Beijing, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other locals. XinYun Tech is a high-tech enterprise with high-speed silicon-based optoelectronic integration and ultra-high-speed analog signal chain integrated circuit product research and development capabilities. XinYun Tech primarily engaged in the development, production and sales of ultra-high-speed analog signal chain integrated circuit products, optoelectronic devices, and optoelectronic sensor products. We provide a set of complete solutions for the fields of data perception, cloud computing, high-speed data link and 5G network construction. The key executives and senior R&D technologists of XinYun Tech came from the world's top semiconductor and optical communication enterprises or academic institutions in related industries, and the core technical personnel have decades of accumulated and successful experience in directly related fields.


     After several years of rapid development, XinYun Tech has become one of the few optical communication companies in the world that possesses an extensive portfolio of intellectual property rights and can provide a complete set of 100G+ optical module solutions. XinYun Tech has established the entire industrial chain of product design and development, packaging, manufacturing and sales, and can meet the diverse application needs of customers with great flexibility. With its refined independent technological innovation system, continuous technological breakthroughs and product innovation, XinYun Tech has been recognized by many customers and the capital markets. At present, XinYun Tech’s product offering fully covers the domestic market needs, and has been well received in overseas markets such as Japan and South Korea. XinYun Tech has provided reliable solutions and technical support for many mainstream communication operators around the world in the construction of 5G networks.


     The company has won the "National High-tech Enterprise", " Science and Technology Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise of China", "Science and Technology Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise of Zhejiang Province ", " Provincial High-tech Enterprise Research and Development Center", " Enterprise High-tech R&D Center of Hangzhou", "High-tech Enterprise Research and Development Center of Hangzhou" , "Young Eagle Plan Enterprise of Hangzhou " and other awards and recognitions by the government in a short period of time.