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Eoptolink Launches 800G, 400G and 100G Multimode BIDI Optical Transceiver Portfolio

2023-03-06    Jacques

Chengdu, China, and Fremont, California, March 7, 2023 – Eoptolink Technology Inc., Ltd (SZSE: 300502), a leading provider of optical transceiver solutions and services, today announces the extension of its multimode product portfolio with BIDI MM transceivers. The portfolio consists of 800G SR4.2, 400G SR4.2 and 100G SR1.2 transceivers.  The 800G and 400G versions are available in both OSFP and QSFP-DD800 form factors.

The 800G SR4.2 transceiver uses 850nm and 910nm VCSELs with 106Gbps wavelengths. Two wavelengths are combined bidirectionally onto a single fiber. The 800G SR4.2 uses 4+4 fibers in an MPO-12 connector interface. This enables a smooth upgrade path from 400G to 800G without the need to replace the fiber infrastructure.

The 400G SR4.2 transceiver operates at 53Gbps wavelengths and follows the same architecture of the 800G SR4.2.  It can be configured for 400G point to point connectivity or as 400G to 4x100G with breakout connectivity. Both 100G MM bidi modules and 100G SR1.2 legacy modules based on IEEE KP4 FEC are supported in the 4x100G breakout application.

The 100G SR1.2 modules use a QSFP28 form-factor with duplex LC interface. The 850nm and 910nm wavelengths are combined onto a single fiber to guarantee interoperability with the 400G SR4.2 modules. The line side FEC follows the IEEE KP4 FEC.

“Our customers have reached out to us and asked us to develop these modules,” explains Sean Davies, Eoptolinks VP Sales, “By introducing multimode BIDI optical transceivers capable of supporting 800G, 400G, and 100G, we have enhanced our comprehensive line of Multi-Mode transceivers and AOC cables supporting data rates from 10G to 800G.”

Live demonstrations of all these products will be shown at Eoptolink’s booth #3327 at OFC 2023 in San Diego.