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Interview with APAT: Setting a new course to create a breakthrough in the AOC market

2024-05-15    Carol

Founded in 2008,  APAT is a veteran in the optical communication industry. In 2023, the company underwent an important transformation, through restructuring and optimization, and introduced an industrial investor - Allwave Lasers, which injected new vitality into APAT. This change marked the beginning of a new chapter for APAT that is highly regarded in the industry. Recently, we visited our member company - APAT, the company's general manager Wang Yalei and sales director Ru Shanshan accepted our interview.



Introducing new thinking, laying out the industry chain, and winning the AI era together


General Manager Wang Yalei said that APAT's development history maps the rapid growth of China's optical communication industry. The company has more than 100 million yuan scale of optical communication devices, module R&D, NPI engineering, reliability verification and industry-leading mass production capacity, and has a quality control system strictly audited by large customers. By introducing the investment of Xi'an Allwave Lasers, APAT has established a new product line layout based on optical devices, module products as breakthroughs, and AOC products as market breakthroughs.


Aiming at the market demand of next-generation coherent communication and coherent sensing, Allwave Lasers can provide upstream key technology and product supply centered on narrow linewidth wavelength tunable and wavelength scanning lasers. The company also tries to introduce Internet thinking, aiming at linking more industry waist customers, collaborating with Allwave to open up the whole industry chain from optical chips to optical devices, optical modules to optical equipment, and jointly promoting the development of future industrial application scenarios represented by AI supercomputing.


Wang Yalei emphasized that APAT's customer strategy is undergoing an important transformation. The company will continue to exert its advantages in large-scale mass production and high-quality system for large customers, while forgetting its existing identity and past experience, not setting limits for itself, imagining itself as a blank sheet of paper to maintain a humble attitude to meet new challenges, and meeting customer needs through delivery, price, quality and other key factors.APAT will utilize its large production base and strong technical support to help customers Achieve project success and establish win-win cooperation and long-term trust partnership with customers.




New Sail: Creating Cost-Effective AOC Products to Meet the Challenges of the AI Supercomputing Era


Ru Shanshan, Sales Director, pointed out that the communication network is a key factor restricting the arithmetic power of the data center, and AI supercomputing is very demanding in terms of data transmission rate and latency at the network layer, which requires a high-bandwidth, high-speed switches and communication links to match. Telecom access network "light into the copper retreat" will be staged in the AI supercomputing, with the reduction in the cost of high-rate optical modules, AI supercomputing era is expected to accelerate the upgrade to the AOC program.


AOC is an optimized design solution to compromise cost and performance in communication networks, reducing the number of optical devices, dedicated to ultra-short-distance interconnection scenarios of top-of-rack Ethernet or InfiniBand switches, usually within 100 meters of the transmission distance, in addition, AOC will be integrated with optical modules and cables to avoid the possibility of contamination of optical ports to improve reliability is very suitable for large-scale data centers and AI supercomputing center system. supercomputing center system.


After more than ten years of construction and development, APAT can provide customers with 155M to 800G full-rate various types of TO, optical devices, optical modules, AOC and other products. The company has a production base of more than 10,000 square meters in Pingshan, Shenzhen and Guangdong Province High-speed Optical Devices and Optical Module Packaging Design Engineering Technology Research Center, with a monthly production capacity of up to 1.5KK optical devices and 300K optical modules and AOC products.


At present, APAT implements "Innovative Product Project", proposes high performance optical modules to meet the requirements of large-scale AI supercomputing era, especially AOC products (rate covering 25G, 100G, 200G, 400G, 800G, etc., and there are supporting products to meet the customer's multiple applications), to meet the future needs of customers in terms of product research and development, reliability, response speed and cost-effective.


Through this in-depth interview, we are able to glimpse how APAT meets the challenges of the AI supercomputing era through strategic transformation and product innovation, and continues to play its advantageous role in the optical communication industry.