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Interview with ODI: Leading the Innovation of PON Transceiver

2024-06-04    Carol

Recently, we had the honor to visit ODI - a leading company focusing on the manufacturing of industrial-grade optical transceivers. 2014-2024, during the decade, ODI has won the trust of many customers in the industrial field by virtue of individualized design, efficient delivery and excellent quality, and become their preferred supplier. suppliers.ODI's Vice General Manager Mr. Jian Xiaozhong and General Manager of Sales Department Mr. Hu Tengfei accepted our exclusive interview.



Rich product line: from PON transceivers to industrial-grade optical transceivers for innovation

Founded in 2014, ODI's core team members come from the background and rich experience of first-class optical transceiver manufacturers in China, and are deeply engaged in the field of industrial-grade, sensing, and optical transceivers for long-distance transmission. Relying on rich technology accumulation and solution application, ODI provides customers with efficient delivery, excellent quality, and individually designed solutions to meet the market's diverse needs for high-speed network connectivity.


ODI's product line covers two key areas: optical transmission and optical access network. In the field of optical transmission, ODI can provide full-rate industrial-grade ransceivers, from 155M to 100G, to meet the needs of different transmission rates. All transceivers support diverse package types, including 1*9, SFP, SFP+, QSFP28, etc., to meet different application scenarios. In terms of interface, SC, LC, FC, ST and other options are available to ensure compatibility with various types of equipment. The transmission distance ranges from 100 meters to 160KM, covering a wide range of needs from short distance to long distance. In addition, a wide range of wavelengths such as full-band CWDM, DWDM, and even special L-wave ends are supported to adapt to different network architectures.ODI's strength lies in the provision of industrial-grade products to ensure stable operation under various environmental conditions.


In terms of access network, since 2016, ODI has developed GPON ONU series, which are exported to domestic and overseas markets, and gradually improved GPON and XGPON OLT series, which are widely used in home broadband market. Meanwhile, relying on the deep accumulation of industrial customers, the company has also developed GPON and XGPON Stick ONU series, which provide innovative solutions for industrial switches, base stations and other scenarios with more stringent space and cabling requirements.ODI will also complete the batch of XGS PON this year, and is stocking up on 25G/50G PON OLT series.


Speaking about the core strengths of ODI team, Mr. Jian emphasized that: with years of deep cultivation in the field of optical transceiver design and manufacturing and continuous technological innovation, the ODI team is able to accurately solve the compatibility challenges of optical transceivers between different devices and provide customers with a seamless and excellent experience. Over the past decade, ODI has not only focused on optimizing the manufacturing process, but also provided customers with customized designs and services to meet their special product needs in response to the current rapid iteration of the optical communication market, with its rich experience in product performance design. In order to cope with the development of next-generation products, ODI is also recruiting talents, and welcomes interested parties to join ODI to create a new future together.


Grasp the pulse of the market and precisely position products

In the face of the growing demand for Stick ONU optical transceivers over the past 2 years, Mr. Jine has observed that industrial grade applications are in an upgrade cycle. However, although Stick ONU has its unique value in specific scenarios, it is still a niche market compared to the home broadband market. During the development of the Stick ONU product, the ODI team has iterated more than thirty software releases over the years to achieve excellence in compatibility. This relentless pursuit and continuous innovation has made its products not only widely recognized by technology enthusiasts at home and abroad, but also earned a good reputation in the field of industrial-grade applications.


ODI has demonstrated its unique market insight in the selection of product solutions. For products with rates above 40G, the company is focusing on the development of LR4/ER4 series to meet the needs of long-distance transmission. For optical transceiver products at 10G and below, ODI has adopted a flexible inventory strategy to ensure that it can respond quickly and meet customers' immediate needs.


Mr. Hu further pointed out that ODI's customized service not only meets customers' specific requirements for product performance, but also provides personalized solutions for different application scenarios. This customer demand-oriented service concept has enabled ODI to maintain a certain leading position in the fierce market competition and win wide recognition from customers.


ODI's insights into the market and product positioning not only reflect its deep understanding of the market, but also demonstrate ODI's ability to remain flexible and forward-looking in the ever-changing market.



Fully automated production line to ensure efficient delivery

In order to respond to the current customer requirements for efficient delivery, ODI has been working hard in recent years to improve the level of its fully automated production line, which significantly improves the production efficiency and product consistency, thus ensuring efficient and on-time product delivery to meet the customer's dual demand for rapid response and high-quality products.


In ODI's production workshop, we see that from pressure riveting welding, optical coupling, dispensing, performance testing, appearance testing to packaging completion, key positions are based on the characteristics of the company's products to transform the automation process, reducing the dependence on personnel experience and ensuring product consistency.


Mr. Hu said: Improving the automation level of production line process is an important measure to improve the stability and consistency of product production and reduce cost and increase efficiency, but this achievement is not achieved overnight, but is the result of ODI's continuous and meticulous optimization of the process line in the past decade. Through gradual technological innovation and process improvement, ODI has established a mature automated production process, which not only improves production efficiency, but also ensures a high standard of product quality. In addition, the company has introduced and implemented the MES system in production management, which is able to accurately trace the status of each product material, thus further enhancing the transparency and traceability of the production process. At the same time, it improves the flexibility and responsiveness of production scheduling, providing strong support for ODI to quickly adapt to market changes and customer demands.


Through continuous technological innovation and deep cultivation in the market, ODI is leading the development trend of the industrial-grade optical transceiver market with its excellent products and services, and is growing to be the leader in the field of industrial-grade optical transceivers.